The Best Spa and Massage Near Renfrew Collingwood

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In these hectic times, it’s important to stop every once and a while to take a break and recharge ourselves before we burn out. In Renfrew and Collingwood, there are many options to help you get some much needed rest and relaxation. Even though a brief walk around the neighbourhood’s numerous parks and green spaces can be soothing, there are times when you just need some solid pampering.


Try some quality time at a local spa! Check out some of the best and well-reviewed spas and wellness centres near Renfrew and Collingwood.  


Get to the root of your problem at Rupert Health Centre

Unsure what kind of treatment to get? Have a chronic issue that doesn’t seem to go away? It might be best to go straight to the specialists. Rupert Health Centre was founded by Kinesiologist Dr. Kevin Leung in 2005 to offer a holistic approach to physical therapy. The Centre provides services in chiropractic treatment, active rehabilitation, custom orthotics, laser therapy, and massage therapy. With a professional by your side, you’ll understand what’s causing your pain and figure out the best treatment for it.


Find the perfect massage at Zuli Massage & Reflexology

Zuli offers Foot Reflexology and Body Massage packages for its clients. Customers can opt for one or the other, or better yet, choose both in a multiple-session package. Clients have left great reviews, praising Zuli for its “extremely clean” facilities and “very friendly” staff members. That’s how you know Zuli is the best. Everyone leaves with a smile and can’t wait to come back.


Pamper your tired body and aching feet at Foot Lounge

Foot Lounge offers foot reflexology and deep tissue body massage treatments in a relaxing, modern atmosphere. Applying an eastern holistic approach to their massage process, this well-loved establishment allows its guests to customize their massage depending on their problem areas.  A Registered Massage Therapist is available on Tuesdays and Sundays to serve more specialized needs.


Give your skin the treatment it deserves at Heartbreaker Spa

Heartbreaker Spa is the sister company of East Vancouver’s successful Heartbreaker Salon, located just a few doors down. The Spa’s focus is on skincare, helping its clients build the perfect regimen for them while providing services to improve their wellbeing. Through skin analysis, Heartbreaker’s professionals help their guests’ problem areas and customize a treatment solely for them. Aside from a wide variety of facials, Heartbreaker also offers massage treatments, hair removal, waxing, teeth whitening, and more.


Quality pampering for everyone at The Don Spa

The Don Spa offers a wide range of spa services for men and women, including skincare, massage and body treatments, and more. The facility boasts freshly refurbished treatment rooms equipped with new tech, offering the best, highest quality service for its clients. Online, the spa receives rave reviews, including special shoutouts to the owner Melody, who is said to be as kind as she is professional.